My name is Caleb Graham. I’m from a small little town in Alabama called Eclectic. In contrast to the definition of the word, it’s a little one red-light town that isn’t quite as Eclectic as you might think. But I can tell you, growing up there was like living in the movie Steel Magnolias and I couldn't be more grateful and proud to call it home.

It was there in that small town my Mama and Daddy, owning a restaurant for over 20 years taught me all about what it means to love people and exude that hospitality we southerners are known for.

You know, for the legendary Walt Disney, it all started with a mouse. For me it all started with a ”hey yall” and a BBQ sandwich.

Fast forward a few years and a small town boy’s dreams came true when I was hired to be a performer at Walt Disney World Resort. It's been a massively rewarding opportunity to not only bring that southern hospitality, that service and passion for people to not just performing, but very much so in my role working in social media for Disney World as well.

I've always loved being a part of the show both onstage and off. I look forward to one day making an even bigger impact as I continue to pursue my dreams in the entertainment business.